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Give Shop Goose Bumps & TEDx
Evolving Culture: Practicing the New World
Lost In Excess: A talk about Consciousness & Transformation
Financing the Global Sharing Economy
Get yourself prepared for 2013: 7 must-reads
You are Infinite Potential: Transcend Leadership
A Me First vs. a We First Economy
That Game called Self Realization
Giving, Money & Happiness: A personal story from Dadara
Giving is All we Have Animated: Challenges of the 21st Century
Feel like Giving? check this out!
Breaking through a Maze of Conventions
Time, Speediness & Stillness within Organisations
99 Ways to Help you live more Consciously
Buy Nothing New & the Decline in Consumption
Are you truly living from the Heart?
The Consciousness Warrior’s Guidebook to Creating the Future
Giving is All we Have Animated: Challenges of the 21st Century
Creating our 21st Century: Explore within, Manifest Without
The Give Shop: Unconditional Giving & Receiving at Lowlands
Radical Financial Innovation for the 21st Century
The Gift of Duality Consciousness: Soul Teachings
Conscious Leadership: Living from the Heart
How Generation G is pushing the Era of Giving
Earthly Transformation: Our World is going Free
The Power of Intention: An Organisational Perspective
Giving & Receiving: lessons from a powerful consciousness mechanism
The New HRM: Human Consciousness Development
The Alienating Property of Zebra Crossings
Giving: the Butterfly Effect
Diary of a Man on a Mission
The Economic Crisis: A Mirror to our Consciousness – Part 2
The Economic Crisis: A Mirror to our Consciousness – Part 1
Spotlight on Social Enterprises
Money & The Rise of Alternative Currency
Descartes & Damasio’s Error: Dono Ergo Non Sum
Metagivics: A Theory of Everything
Starting up a social enterprise & venture capitalism in the 21st century
The end of competition in business
What if money would represent love?
Five major 21st century paradigm shifts
The ceteris paribus folly
A 21st century perspective on management development
Confession: ‘I don’t have anything anymore’
Giving is All we Have at lowlands 2012
We should give up on our search for purpose
The biology of money, cocaine & stock markets
Giving makes us happier & healthier
Defender of mankind embodiment of greed and immorality
Paradigm shift #2: from ‘now’ to ‘here’
Your intent, your customer & the dog turd
21st century corporate social responsibility
Human after All
The origin of value and the end of pricing strategy
The battle of the sexes and middle magic
The intent of Giving is All we Have
Paradigm shift #1: receiving = giving
Confirmation of the gift philosophy
Giving away my ticket to Lowlands Paradise