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Last night I came across this little excerpt on BBC News. About a trader, Alessio Rastani, on the economic crisis. Who makes a perfect example of how dealing with abstract numbers leads to immoral behavior. Of how money sets off a reward mechanism, identical to using cocaine, that will make you want more.

Ironically, the name Alessio in Ancient Greek means; “defender of mankind”. Ha.

Yesterday I wrote a post (Paradigm Shift #2: From ‘Now’ to ‘Here’), about the ‘here’, that little place where happiness resides. Please take these thoughts into account while viewing this interview. It looks like his brain is all over the place (or, ‘Time’, I should say).

Oh well, you can’t blame a man for doing his job, right? “I’m a trader”. “For most traders, it’s not about – we don’t really care that much how they’re going to fix the economy, how they’re going to fix the whole situation.” “Our job is to make money from it.”
This guy is just doing his job, his passion. This is a man on a mission, so his website says: ‘To inspire and educate people who want to start trading and those who are trading but have lost their way on to the path of success.’

Unfortunately, the soul of our ‘defender of mankind’ appears to be tortured and diluted by the latest in greed, immorality and time travel. All we can do is hope for him, that things will eventually turn out well. So instead of expressing your feelings of anger, fear or negativity, which might pop to the surface, send him some positive energy. He’ll be overwhelmed. I just did. Here’s what I wrote;

Alessio, I want to send you some good vibes and growth. Regards,  Jeroen Timmers

Become friends with Alessio on Facebook. I think he could need a couple of good friends for guidance… 

PS   Thanks to Alexander Koene