Give Shop

The Give Shop. A shop with nothing to buy.  Instead, visitors are invited to give from the heart. Previously on Lowlands, TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxMaastricht, Sustainability Congres and many more.

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Experience the Joy & Health of Giving

Our Give Shop merges our philosophy of unconditional giving with practical experience. Who needs difficult stories about economy & money, when the essence of it unfolds through experience?  Undergo the instant joy, health, connection of giving unconditionally from the heart.

Cultivating Generous Mind

Many of those who underwent the experience leave with a sigh of remembrance. Once out of the Shop they contagiously spread their refound source of inspiration among colleagues, classmates, friends or other visitors.

For Whom?

Our Give Shop is all about breaking through limiting beliefs. Time and again proves to be a very effective tool for igniting movement.

Schools & Universities: Nurture the mind & heart

Generosity is one of the most important tools for cultivating the generous mind & unveiling the heart’s desires. The Give Shop is an ideal tool for elementary, high schools & universities.

Corporates: Cultural Change & Workplace Happiness.

Break through isles & personal interests. Our Give Shop is an ideal tool to merge cultures, nourish inspiration & increasing workplace happiness.

Festivals & Events: spread consciousness, joy & meaning.

Give your event a touch of meaningfulness. Fill the heart of your audience with joy as they expand their consciousness.

What others said

“Unconditional giving brought about a burst of energy that lasted for days. I started to apply this in daily life, it feels so good!” 

“A bunch of crazy ones making the world a bit more friendly & open hearted…we need more of that!”

“A beautiful way to show how the “Law of attraction”  works on a practical level, how gifts automatically find their way to the people who resonate to that intent” 

“The Give Shop showed me the magical effects of unconditional giving. It touched me deeply to see the emotions of people the moment they realize they received something without having to do anything in return”

“What a delightful experience! Smiling people, all with their own story attached to the thing they gave unconditionally.  Heart-warming, spontaneous conversations, and people being reconnected to their heart”.

“Mind-bending to see how almost every gift ends up at exactly the right person”

“So good to show that we are able to do things differently in our economy. Volunteering for the Give Shop was already more than worthwhile simply to see the wonder-struck faces when you explain the concept.”  

“The Give Shop was a magical experience to me. It was heart-touching to see so much talent and creativity thats been given. The power of generousity and unconditional love changed the way we see the world forever.”