Nyenrode Business Administration


I am unconditionally giving away my business administration books. I was fortunate enough to study at Nyenrode business University, an experience of which I am reaping the fruits as we speak. But now, I would much rather make somebody else happy with those business books, than keeping them in my bookshelf.

Be aware though, however valuable they may be in teaching you all the ins and outs of management and doing business,   they will not teach you about the new fundament of  ‘giving’ in our 21st Century Economy. But hey, if you want to know more on that subject, I’ll throw in a free lecture on that ;-)

These include the following books as shown on the picture above:

  • Anderson et al, Statistics for Business & Economics
  • Slack et al, Operations Management
  • Mishkin, Eakins, Financial Markets & Institutions
  • Gray, Needles, Financial Accounting, A global Approach
  • Horngren et al, Cost Accounting
  • Hair et al, Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Cascio, Managing Human Resources,
  • Cooper, Schindler, Business Research Methods
  • Tim Sutton, Corporate Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • Kotler et al, Principles of Marketing
  • Brickley et al, Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture
  • Bodie, Merton, Finance, International Edition
  • Ghemawat, Strategy and the business landscape
  • Pike, Neale, Corporate Finance & Investment, Decisions & Strategies
  • Lawrence, Pasternack, Applied Management Science
  • Van Goor et al, European Distribution an spully chain logistics
  • Laudon, Management Informations Systems, managing the Digital Firm
  • Simchi-Levi, Designing and managing the supply chain
  • Gary Hamel, Leading the Revolution

And I have a whole bunch of readers with articles & case studies from Harvard University as well, if you’re interested.

Drop me a line at hashtag@givingisallwehave.com . I’ll randomly pick one of you on March 20.

The #givingisallwehave Twitter hashtag is intended for those around the world that unconditionally want to give and share products, time, talent, skills, knowledge or compassion with others. Try it for yourself. It’ll make you happy and healthy.