We’ve told you so. This giving thing is contagious. And so the word is spreading fast. Check out our ideas about the 21st Century Society in a variety of media.

Give Shop interview with Michiel Veenstra – 3FM
The Heart wants to give. Lowlands (Dutch | EN), NRC Next
Geefeconomie. Het hart als uitgangspunt. Vier Magazine
A Gift Society stems from the Heart, Vier Magazine
Niet verkopen, maar gewoon geven (Dutch | EN )– De Stentor
Stand Up Inspiration Talk (Dutch), Toomler Amsterdam
TEDx talk Giving is All we Have – TEDx
Geven is het nieuwe ontvangen (Dutch Only)
Het einde van concurrentie – Management Team.nl
Putting Soul into the Economy, Volzin Magazine
De ziel moet terug in de Economie, Volzin Magazine
Wealth is something trivial (EN | NL) , Nyenrode University
Giving is All we Have, Helen den Held
Lowlands – Switzerland of Pop festivals (Dutch), NRC Next
How things evolved (Dutch only), NRC Next
Changing the mentality of businesses (Dutch only) , VPRO
In the daily newspaper (Dutch only)  , NRC Next
Want to have a Lowlands ticket? (Dutch only) , NRC Next

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