Aug 14, 2011.

Not so long ago I felt increasingly disconnected to the way we do business, that focus on career and our western notion of wealth and success. I couldn’t bare the superficial discussions within business anymore. It felt like none of them touched the essence of things. There must be something more? A question that kept lingering on in my head.

The break-down

After 7 years within corporate life, I saw my learning curve flatten and my happiness falling down. When on top of that my relationship ended, I put one and one together, quit my job and went travelling to see what our planet could teach me. It became a terrific and humbling journey that brought me from those funny little chinstrap penguins on the Antarctic, to the Moai on Easter Island and the Inca Culture in Peru. A travel that allowed me to gaze at the same blue footed boobies (the birds, indeed) Darwin pondered on in 1835 at the Galapagos Archipelago. That gave me the oppportunity to visit the Mayan sites in Guatemala and to submerge in the ancient knowledge and worldviews of indigenous Amazonian shamans.

The two insights

Firstly,we all face the choice of conforming to the existing system or contributing to change. My choice? I’m here to change the world. Great or small. And secondly, if I’d strip everything from all the distractions, down to the very essence, giving remains. Which ultimately comes down to our ability to give life. My essence. Our essence. Finally.

The start of Giving is All we Have

So I came back and intuitively, yet unconditionally gave away my ticket to Lowlands Festival to a random person. A ticket that I had bought at some reseller for twice the price. I just couldn’t keep the ticket anymore after this shift in mindset. From there on, things went completely crazy as you can read here  & here.

Getting this world to give

As I reflect on the past years, the effect of this small gesture never ceases to amaze me. All the companies and press with whom I speak. The inspiring people I meet. And now I am doing everything within my powers to get this world to experience this contagious power of giving. Because I firmly believe giving is the perfect antidote for some of the major 21st Century challenges we face.

Yours truly, Jeroen



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