2013 must reads


We all feel it by know. Our new world is ready to take shape, manifested from a heart consciousness. Here are some must reads from the past year to get yourself and your business prepared for 2013.

Getting yourself prepared

The consciousness warriors guidebook to creating the future
(dis)Arm your Self to create our 21st Century

Animation: Challenges of the 21st Century
Haven’t seen it yet? A quick & amusing overview of the challenges we face!

Five Major 21st Century Paradigm Shifts
Get yourself some overview. Here you can read all about the five quintessential shifts that are taking place.

Getting your business & strategy prepared

The new HRM: Human consciousness Development.
Human Resource executives have the opportunity to expand the organisational horizon.

The Power of Intention: an Organisational Perspective
What you wish is what you get.

Your Intent, your Customer and the Dog Turd
Stop listening to your clients.

The end of competition in business
Time to collaborate based on shared ideals.

So that’s that. You’ve been armed with some insights which will help you to prosperously create your new future. If you need to be fueled a bit more, check out my other posts here .

Happy new year all!