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The process of Self realization. Becoming who you truly are. It requires gut, honesty and awareness. It often includes confrontation with your Self (in fact it always does ;) In my experience it’s best to see as a funny game. Read the rest of this entry »


Every now and then, I catch myself being distracted by the benefits of that ‘old way’ of doing things. Shouldn’t I just get a job like ‘normal’ people do? With security of income, a predictable career path and all? Sounds tempting.

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21st Century: Explore within, Manifest without


A new world firmly rooted in giving. Right. It might sound a bit too far-fetched for some. Some even say it’s overly idealistic. After all, how on earth would we ever be able to create such a world? Here are some quick insights for those willing to engage in an, actually kind of funny, game of world-change. Read the rest of this entry »