The process of Self realization. Becoming who you truly are. It requires gut, honesty and awareness. It often includes confrontation with your Self (in fact it always does ;) In my experience it’s best to see as a funny game.

‘Hey, there’s my Ego again! Hah!’ Did you know that Ego doesn’t like to be laughed at? It runs off the moment you start laughing about it! Do you feel insecure about something? Take some time. Maybe meditate for a bit, or have a silent walk. Get your magnifying glass, be Sherlock Holmes and find out the cause of your insecurity. It’s there, hiding somewhere within.

Feeling frustrated about somebody’s behaviour? Grab a mirror, act the same and see what is does to you. Have you already seen the beauty of the lesson that behavior ignites? Next time you see that person acting like that, you’ll understand what lesson wants to unfold for him or her! No need for judgement at all. Actually you’re just a different manifestation of the same, so you would only judge, yes, yourself. Feeling restless? Become Sherlock again: am I thinking about a future event? Or about the past? In any case, there’s no need to be restless if you reside in the here & now.

Know that all fear related stuff, whether its insecurity, aggression, desperately clinging on to happiness or sadness, stems from the dualistic mind. You know where to go to relieve you from that. On average, it beats 60-80 times per minute.

Want to know more about our 2 day ‘Living from the Heart’ workshop? It is designed for people that are willing to take a leap in their consciousness, and will provide a playing ground for those who are not afraid to open up and be confronted by anything in their own being that refrains them from following their dreams. In a safe environment. Enlightening.  The first one is to be held in January (date t.b.a.). contact me at jeroen (at) givingisallwehave (dot) com