What if Money Would Represent Love


“I don’t feel that comfortable with what I am doing at work right now. I should be following my dreams! But how do I do that? …It looks like I’ll be stuck here for another while. …Maybe, just maybe, I’ll win the State Lottery next time!”

Take an honest look around you. A lot of us are trapped within a golden cage. From which only few are able to escape.

Money transcended its purpose and attained a supernatural state within our society. Economy has become our new religion. With our banks as churches. And money as God. The firm grip of an invisible hand called ‘Economy’ forces us to stay put.

I can’t understand that we as mankind are apparently unable to agree on a climate treaty to protect our mother Earth? Nature is full of love. Will we ever be able to protect and cherish this precious gift? Why are only few of us able to follow our dreams? And why aren’t others? People are full of talents and basically have an abundance of love. Will our system ever be able to create space and give trust to people so that they can live their dreams and reach their full potential?

Of course it will; we are the system. We are our banks. We are our businesses. So we are the ones in control, aren’t we? We are the ones who have invented money. So we are the ones that can reinvent it. To make it serve us instead of compete with us!

What if money equals love?

A new society that evolves around happiness and love is possible, in my opinion. Our current capitalist system builds on the premise of perpetual and infinite growth. A fundamental flaw, that contradicts all laws of nature. We know that a tendency towards infinity within a finite framework inevitably leads to chaos and disorder. Ever blown up a balloon slightly too much?

But we could make use of this principle, if we’d give it a twist. At this very moment, growth is made possible by virtue of scraping out human values and depleting natural resources. If money would represent pure love, a completely different world shows up. A world in which people would flourish under the abundance of happiness, love and sheer joy. In this situation capitalism could grow, because it would increase total happiness of all people.

An investment in what?
In this financial crisis, governments worldwide have ‘invested’ €7.700.000.000.000 (approx. $ into the economy. Imagine if that same amount of love would be invested in our economy. Or happiness.

But what would  ‘Money = Love’ practically mean in daily life? An economy that evolves around love, is an economy that evolves around ‘Giving’. When we buy bread at the local bakery around the corner (we do still do that, right?), a transaction is made. The baker hands over the bread to you and you give the baker an amount of money. If we purely look at the added value to our economy, our society, it would be the bread only.  In society of love, in my opinion, no money is necessary and everybody can follow his or her dreams, give their talents to society without any reciprocity expectations.

I am eager to gain practical experience with such an economy. And I will proceed following this dream of mine. If you would like to respond to this article, or want to share any ideas on this topic, please let me know!

Robbert Vesseur

Robbert worked at Triodos Bank in the Netherlands.  He recently quit his job, and now contributes to shaping a world he believes is possible. He truly inspires me with his free-spirit, open-heartedness and willingness to act upon his dream. We should have more people like him. Thanks for your contribution, Robbert.

If anyone else has luminous ideas on our 21st Century Society, please drop me a line. Your ideas can grow and flourish here on this platform as well! After all, the ones with the craziest & most luminous ideas will eventually change this world. 

Yours Truly, Jeroen