Diary of a man on a mission

Man on a Mission

Diary of a man on a mission

It seems like it was yesterday; coming back from my travel with a crazy idea of changing this world to evolve around giving. From the firm belief that I couldn’t change anyone else, I changed myself. Up to this day, I continue to be in awe about what is happening. A short sum-up and a moment of gratitude.

  • I got offered two free tickets to Lowlands
  • Radboud University asked me to speak on a ‘new economy based on giving’
  • Currently in startup phase of a short documentary ‘ Learning to Receive’
  • Got asked to get 55.000 people to give at Lowlands 2012
  • PIFWorld.com offered me a free working place
  • March 30, I’ll be speaking at TEDx & at Toomler Stand-Up Inspiration soon
  • Businesses are asking me to help out with their quest on how to credibly give
  • I got asked to contribute to a book by Kees Klomp on ‘ Buddhism in Business’
  • Today I’ll talk to a major Dutch broadcaster on my contribution to a documentary
  • Writing my own book, which is to be published this year
  • Soon I’ll be in Esquire magazine with an article on Giving
  • Givolicious, a platform that going to revolutionize the way we do business, launches in a couple of months
  • Giving is All we Have is part of a research of VU University into horizontal organisations & leadership (along with Zeitgeist & Masterpeace)
  • Got invited for a round table with Princess Irene to discuss our future society
  • People from around the world are helping me out with this quest, big shout out to you guys!

Pierre Swinkels, was one of the first offering his unconditional help with logo design. Raquel Ramirez, from Madrid, with whom I’m developing a very special animation, which you’ll hear all about very soon (I’m very excited about this one, check out her beautiful work at Notas en Colores)! Claudia Korpadi, thanks for helping me out with your  copywriting skills. Pure magic. Andrew Wicklund, from the US, helped me out designing the Givolicious website. You’re the best, Andrew, thanks! Anne Treichel of DesignerDutch gave unconditional support with her beautiful design work as well. Thanks!

Robbert Vesseur & Julia Falger, you inspire me by your being. Thanks for all the good times to come. Daniel Settel & Yvonne Yu, de Stijlfiguren, helped out with stand & interior design for Giving is All we Have @ Lowlands 2012. I am impressed the talents of you two, you make a perfect fit! Marjon van der Velden from mMousse, unconditionally offering her inspiring yoga, branding & art studio. Thanks Marjon! Jeroen van Zwetselaar , Leo Melcherts, Merel Drijver, Anke Meijer for their support in the Lowlands 2012 quest.

Thanks to Eelco van Wijk, for critically reviewing my articles & book . You have a mastermind, my friend. Alexander Koene & Kim Cramer, BR-ND, for all the joy, laughter & inspiration. Tobias Deley and Fabricius Kooij, need I say more ;-) ? And of course all the unconditional support of parents, friends & family (you know who you are ;). And of course thanks to all you ambassadors on Facebook for spreading the word! ;-) I’ve probably forgotten many, rest assured that you’re in my heart too.

I’m very grateful for this wonderful experience. It strengthens me in my belief that the roots of this world I foresee already are firmly grounded. I belief that we have the opportunity to nourish these roots the best we can. My conclusion so far? Self-cultivation, stilling the mind & gratitude are key in this nourishment. Every single time I unconditionally give, this beautiful world of abundant love, skills, talents and collective will replies in deep appreciation. Sometimes instantly. Sometimes in time. Often from an unexpected angle, though. The people that surround me, and many of those to whom I talk, show that this beautiful world is evolving.

We’ll have many hurdles to overcome, and along the way we most probably will face many challenges in getting this world to give. But positivity, collective will & perseverance will joyfully guide us through it.

What’ll come next? I don’t know. Meanwhile, I’ll keep on embracing the insecurity and chaos that goes along with. But my heart is perfectly designed towards dealing with exactly those two. I love this world.

Thank you all.