Our World is Going Free

Our World is Going Free

Some interesting stuff is going on our humble little planet. I’m not talking 2012 Mayan prophecies here*, but about the earthly prelude to a fundamental transformative period that will unfold over the next period. Which might be sooner than you think.

From ownership…

For over ages, we have been building our society upon the notion of ownership. It has brought us unparalleled technological, social and economic progress. Yet at this moment this very notion challenges us with alienation from each other, greed, inequality and that quest for meaning in our lives.

Through a shift in collective consciousness

Dauntingly being challenged by our own behaviour, our consciousness is evolving. That’s just the thing with consciousness: it takes a leap once you’re confronted by positive or intrusively negative events in your life (pregnancy & birth, death of a loved one, marriage, illnesses). On those moments, many of us reframe their worldview, convictions and lifestyles. So it does on a collective level, as we all are experiencing right now.

…to Giving

Many people from around the world feel that we need to reframe ourselves and our worldview. Because our current way of doing things appears to be incapable of providing a solution to all of the challenges mentioned above.

I firmly believe that giving has the power to do so. It is in our hearts. It’s in ourselves. With it we can build our 21st Century Society.

Giving: the natural flow of energy

The question we might ask ourselves is: do we want to follow that urge of nature wanting to flow freely or do we want to resist it (by means of monetary-, economic systems, rules, regulations, structures or Ego)? The answer to this question lead me to philosophy that giving is all we have. We might just as well surrender to it, from the Oneness that stems from the heart.

The forces of nature are stronger than ourselves anyhow. Following these forces, all around the world initiatives are popping up that show this natural tendency.

The rise of Collaborative Consumption

Collaborative consumption is the term that author Rachel Botsman uses to describe the rapid explosion in traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping. Many initiatives within the field of Social lending (Zopa) peer-to-peer travel (Snappcar), Skill sharing (Skillshare), Crowd Funding (Indie Go Go, Kickstarter) show that we are learning how to deal with abundance and how to design new business models around it.

The world is going free

Of course, all of these developments still evolve around making money out of it. We simply still live in a world in which we have decided to use money as a means of flexible exchange. Nothing wrong with that either. It is just the way our world works at this moment. We should take a couple of things into account however:

1) These developments fundamentally stem from a change in our consciousness that conspicuously portrays a shift from our minds (ownership) to our hearts (giving).

2) These development are the first step towards a society based on giving.

3) Many initiatives such as Couchsurfing, Giftflow, Bookcrossing already are paving the way for such a society: they show how to surpass the money component by facilitating free flow of products, skills & services.

The transition

The transition towards a society that thrives on giving is completely up to us. It will be created by those who feel the essence of giving within their hearts and have the courage to live up to it. It requires taking a step from a world of security and control towards one infinitely letting go and ultimate freedom.

But the flow of nature is pushing us forward. And so the transformation might take 5,10,50 or even a hundred years, but could just as well be tommorrow. It all depends on the only ones we can change: ourselves. Listen to your heart.

* On May 21, at time of writing this blogpost, a cosmic alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and the Pleiades (center of our Universe), is taking place. According to the Mayans, this date kicks off a period of realignment and energetical transformation of our planet into the 5th consciousness time-zone of love & light. The most fundamental reprogramming which takes place in this transformative period will last until December 21. But of course, this is only applicable to those who believe it. Your thoughts create the universe.