The story behind Giving is All we Have

Welcome. I initiated Giving is All we  in 2011, through an insight I had on one of my travels: nature is unconditional. It doesn’t barter or negotiate. It just is. And so are we as human beings. 

I decided to experiment living that premise. This became a magical journey. In 2011, I gave away a ticket to Lowlands Festival, one of the most popular festivals in the Netherlands. From one thing came another, and this  act of generosity grew into a worldwide movement, promoting an economy of the unconditional heart. You can read all about it on this site. 


Remember, we were  in the heat of the financial crises.  People were seeking answers to the challenges that came to surface. How do we want to live together?  How do we give meaning to our lives? The simple and natural philosophy of giving spread contagiously both online as offline. Miracles seemed to happen. Our talks, philosophy and activities such as the Give Shop not only provided a beacon of hope, but also gave a starting point for action for thousands of people and organisations. One of our activities, the Give Shop, (which you can see in the video’s below) was designed to let people have a direct experience of giving and receiving. 

The activities of Giving is All we Have discontinued in 2015.  However, its premise is embedded in nature, never lost. I found that many still obtain inspiration from reading the posts on this site.  For those willing to experiment with a new form of living and working, here you can read all about my personal story, Economics, Society, Self, Consciousness. 

Yours truly,