Are you Living from the Heart?

Are you Living from the Heart?

Living from the heart. It seems like a popular quote nowadays. We all have a heart, so we can directly relate to it. But are you really living from your heart? I found out that one simple question can provide the answer.

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A Mind Consciousness & the Other

The mind as we’ve been discussing before has a predefined set of characteristics to which it moulds its world around. Apart from its control urge and uncertainty-avoidant tendencies, it is the main hide-out for Ego. Now, Ego can only exist if it has this notion of the ‘Other’. Meaning, there must be someone else to define ‘Self’. The ‘Other’ is a perfect concept to depict what is yours and what is mine.

Everybody has a unique physique and has different personal characteristics, so from this perspective the concept of ‘the Other’ is perfectly plausible, right? It would be hard to imagine otherwise, because in daily life we literally see, feel, hear, smell and even taste the differences between you and me.  At least, that’s what the mind tells us.

A Heart Consciousness within the Whole

The heart tells us something different, though. Because truly living from the heart goes hand in hand with a unity consciousness.  It is the profound understanding, knowing and sensing that all is One. That this pre-supposed duality is just a smoke-screen created by the mind.  The heart operates on that energetic level of which quantum physicists still are left in awe about the Oneness of all and baffled by its consecutive findings.

This energy field comes natural to the Heart; it intuitively feels that we aren’t just connected, as we say in common language, but that we are in fact the same.

So You are Me?

Now then, this notion brings about some interesting thoughts.  How could it be that somebody else frustrates you, while it is merely another physical manifestation of yourself? Well, it seems that this frustration of is a mere reflection of something you haven’t still accepted within yourself yet. Some behaviour that you might believe is ‘wrong’ (now watch it, right & wrong is again a mind thing) may subconsciously still be residing within you? Or maybe you’ve just gotten rid of it of it, but you haven’t embraced the beauty of the things it taught you?

Say, you are bothered by people ‘taking’ too much, in the sense that they only seem to care for themselves. And let’s say that you’ve already  gotten past that point ego-centeredness. Why would you be bothered? You know what the lesson for that person will unfold, and that this journey is a wonderful teacher. Would this journey person be helped by sending out frustration or just by unconditional understanding?

If you accept this understanding within yourself, you understand the beauty of a unity consciousness from the heart and allow everything to be present.