Stillness within Organisations

Stillness within Organisations

That very moment you step into your office. ‘More efficient. Faster. First-to-Market. More Growth. Increasing productivity.’ Are we captured in the speediness of our organisations?

As always, the construct is easy. The faster you do stuff, the less conscious you are of the things you’re doing. Try it for yourself. Try eating slow, try walking slow, try talking slow. All of a sudden you become intensely aware. Of your own functioning. Of your reasoning. Of your bodily functions. Of the things that happen in the moment.  Of what your actually doing.

Being silent makes you aware. It creates space. For contemplation. For insight, for overview & for outlook. For figuring out what you truly need in life and at work (if there’s a difference between those two at all).

From this starting point of stillness you can create anything you wish for, and any world you would like to contribute to. Do you want to keep racing against the self-clock with the foresight of burning out yourself, others & our planet? Or do you feel it’s about time for something else?

It requires gut and perseverance, breaking through this paradigm of speediness.  But you will experience all of its benefits.

Take a while. For yourself. And others.

Be aware though, you might be confronted by the root of this speediness.

Jeroen Timmers coaches individuals, managers, executives on conscious leadership & designs consciousness programs for companies. Check it out.

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