Spotlight on Social Enterprises

Spotlight Social Enterprises

Spotlight on Social Enterprises

Social enterprises. These game-changing companies show how business is done in the 21st Century. And thus deserve all the attention of the world. This spotlight is a first of a series of blogposts on social enterprises. This time: PIFWorld, Buttwrap Berlin & Doonited.

PIFWorld (Play it Forward World) is based in our little country of the Netherlands, but its propositions crosses all geographical boundaries. Basically, they provide us and our business with all kinds of cool tools that enable us to contribute to making this world a better place: As an individual, as an employee, as a reporter. Check them out at they’re changing the world as we speak.

Buttwrap Berlin
Buttwrap Berlin is based in Germany and allows us to use our butts for something bigger. Their primary drive is to facilitate an orphanage in India with which they intend to educate 50 children a year: 50% of their profits goes into that single cause. Nice. So start wrapping your butts with something meaningful, people.

Yet another social enterprise from our neighbourly country Germany: Doonited. This group of friends started a movement of positivity from one basic thought: Doing one good deed per day will make this world a better place, especially if we do it together. So they’ve created a gamified platform that gives you one ‘daily good’ a day. Once completed, you earn points & go to the next level. Sign-up at and become healthier and happier along the way!

Spotlight on Social Enterprises is a series of blogplosts on Social Enterpising, by Giving is All we Have. Do you run a Social Enterprise and would like to be listed as well? Drop me a line at info [at] givingisallwehave [dot] com.