Thank you & Goodbye

Thank you & Goodbye

You haven’t heard from me in a long time through this channel. But now that autumn is in its ending phase, and life is slowly contracting, it is time to say goodbye & pay gratitude for what has been.

Giving is All we Have. It was my first expression of something I knew was bigger than myself. I had to live it, there was no other way. It pushed me to reshape my own worldview, from a classic Business School & Corporate inspired perspective to a view on Economy from the perspective of a heart consciousness. Where this path would take me & what it would teach me, I didn’t know. What a journey it became.

Give Shop. Heart-Opening.

One of the main projects was the Give Shop. Remember? A store where people where people could get in touch with their own unconditional nature. Simply by giving. We organised Give Shop at various events & thousands of people were touched through this almost too simple concept. The results were mind-bending & heart opening, all of it to be read here. Below are some insight from our crew to the question “what has the Give Shop given to you?”

“Unconditional giving brought about a burst of energy that lasted for days. I started to apply this in daily life, it feels so good!” 

“A bunch of crazy ones making the world a bit more friendly & open hearted…we need more of that!”

“A beautiful way to show how the “Law of attraction”  works on a practical level, how gifts automatically find their way to the people who resonate to that intent” 

“The Give Shop showed me the magical effects of unconditional giving. It touched me deeply to see the emotions of people the moment they realize they received something without having to do anything in return”

“What a delightful experience! Smiling people, all with their own story attached to the thing they gave unconditionally.  Heart-warming, spontaneous conversations, and people being reconnected to their heart”.

“Mind-bending to see how almost every gift ends up at exactly the right person”

“So good to show that we are able to do things differently in our economy. Volunteering for the Give Shop was already more than worthwhile simply to see the wonder-struck faces when you explain the concept.”  

“The Give Shop was a magical experience to me. It was heart-touching to see so much talent and creativity thats been given. The power of generousity and unconditional love changed the way we see the world forever.” 

Time to say Goodbye.

With pain in our hearts, but in full gratitude for all the beautiful experiences it has given to everyone involved, we have decided to discontinue the operation of the Give Shop.  The concept & network however will still remain, and it is open for anyone interested in picking up & professionalizing this wonderful concept. I would like to specifically pay gratitude to James Smith, who has taken over the Give Shop operation over the past years. James, thanks for your enthusiasm, professionalism & warmth in organizing the Give Shops.

Giving is All we Have. It will live on my heart. In many of our hearts. It has proven that a small gesture from the heart can lead to something big. In my case the simple act of giving away a ticket. This act can be anything for anyone. I’m thankful to know that Giving is all we Have has inspired many people across the globe with a fresh view on Society & Economy. For those in search of inspiration & would like to read all of the experiences & insights, please click here to have an overview of all the blogposts that have been written on this site. 

What’s next?

The activities through Giving is All we Have will also discontinue. Another expression wants to take shape over the coming years, for which I am giving all the space now. Some of you have already been following my further experiences of being human on earth through If you’re interested in what I’ll be up to keep track of


My gratitude goes out to every single one who helped out in this quest. James Smith, Houkje Maltha, Irene Rompa, Shanti Silos, Tobias Deley, Emma Steringa, Jeroen van Zwetselaar, Karuna Kaya, Cameron Crumpler, Kim Triescheijn, Annelique Hulleman, Marjon van der Velden, Jose van der Velden, Daniel Settels, Yvonne Yu, Julian Deley, Alice Thuss, Rogier van der Heijden, Anne Treichel, Tirso Frances, Laura den Otter, Vincent Foster, Claudia Korpadi, Cheryl Weil,  Suuz Bisschops, Merel Drijver, Harmen van Doorn, Alexander Koene, Kim Cramer, Menno Janssen, Jeroen Haverkorn-van Rijsewijk, Suzanne Schreve, Veerstichting, TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxMaastricht, Wageningen Universiteit, Manon Batenburg, Mariette Hanssen, Sandra de Gelder, Volzin,  Daniel Rozenberg, Succesfully, Eric van Eerdenburg, Leonie Spier, Lowlands, Trudy Drenth, DesignerDutch, Menno Hoek, Joris van der Waart, Doenja Hagtingius, Marc Peeters, Heino Maitimu, Elsje-Rose de Vries, Michiel Damoiseaux, Raquel Ramirez, Jean-Paul Toonen, Leo Melcherts, Robbert Vesseur, the organisers at TEDx Amsterdam, Maastricht & Dordrecht, Irene van Lippe-Biesterveld, Gerrit Zalm and of course my parents, brother, my love Shelley Burg & all of the people & companies I have forgotten to mention here. Gratitude.