Transcend Leadership

Descartes Error, Damasio's trap

Transcend Leadership

You probably feel it within. You’re capable of doing so much more. Probably you’ve been educated within our current educational system. Geared towards restriction, standardization  & specialization, it is perfectly suited to prepare you to contribute to our current economic system. No wonder you feel locked down.

My own Prison

So did I. But I couldn’t stand the idea that I lived in a prison that I defined. So I decided to go on a journey into my own consciousness  and see what conditioned beliefs & structures I could get rid of.  So as to make room for that infinite potential.

Losing Skepticism

First step? Lose any form of skepticism and fear, I figured, that won’t get me anywhere as they keep me locked down in the old. From there on I could freely move and explore anything that would push my consciousness: from plant spirit shamanism, to aikido, jumping out of planes, silent retreats, Tantra, intuitive dancing to reading the whole National library on quantum theory, neurosciences, psychology and all. Slowly but steadily, I started to create more and more space within my Self. This letting go thing is infinite. What was left? Trust. Beautiful stuff started to happen, as the Universe responded in gratitude (you can read all about that on this site).

Infinite Potential

We all stem from a source of infinite potential. And you know what? We are all going back there. Some quicker than others. The main challenge? Recognize and understand the stuff within your consciousness that hinders your progress. And from thereon remember who you really are. Unwound & Pure.

Unique Training coming up!

From January 25 to 27, I will be organizing a two day workshop ‘Living from Infinite Potential – Playground for Consciousness’, pushing participants that dare to be playfully confronted by them Selves to a next level of consciousness. Transcending any titles (leadership) whatsoever. Check it out here (Dutch Only) !