a Zebra Crossing

a Zebra Crossing

A couple of months ago, I walked over a zebra crossing. A car stopped to let me cross the road. I gave the driver a smile and a cheerful nod of gratitude. But before I knew it, I was struck.

Well, not by a car, but by the idea that this actually was an odd situation. Through some mere lines on that single piece of road, I knew that the driver had to stop and that same driver expected me to cross the road. If one of us hadn’t followed this rule, it would most definitely have resulted in frustration for at least one of us.

This simple rule made me exchange trust and being humane with expectations towards the other based on an external rule. It struck me to realize that this isn’t only the case within traffic. In fact, all of our rules and regulations have this intrinsic property: just consider how many things are subject to regulation. Regulations appear to externalize trust. No wonder why we have been alienating from ourselves and eachother at such a rapid pace.

I firmly believe that if we slowly start undoing ourselves from as many external regulations as possible, we will  give ourselves some space for consciousness to grow & develop from within. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

I would love to hear your opinions on this one!

Yours truly,