Giving is All we Have joins forces with Lowlands to engage in a big giving experiment! Announcing the Gift Shop at Lowlands 2012.

The story behind?

Remember the story behind Giving is All we Have? If not, don’t worry, you can read all about it here. Eric van Eerdenburg, the Festival director of Lowlands appreciated the gesture and he asked me to come up with a proposal of getting this 55.000 people to give at Lowlands 2012.

So over the past couple of months I gathered together a team with beautiful people that all unconditionally wanted to help out in this quest. The result? The Gift Shop. A place where you can’t buy anything. Perfect.

Visit our site at for all the information about it!

Wanted: two more volunteers!

So we’ve decided to give away two volunteering places as well! Those who feel the philosophy of Giving is All we Have running down their veins have the opportunity to join our lovely crew! Don’t miss out on this one. Check out how to apply here!