Beautiful Economy & Spring College

Beautiful Economy & Spring College

Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to two of the most inspiring girls I have recently met.  With their being, teachings & initiatives they are of major inspiration to humanity. 

Sarah Denie. Economist & Educator driven by to systemically change our world towards an ecologically and socially sustainable and happy society. Founder of Beautiful Economy.

Li An Phoa. Seeking to continuously research, teach and inspire how to improve and create more sustainable ways of living. Her organisation? Beautiful Earth Action & Research. Lived a nomadic live for 6 years (if I remember correctly, Li An? ;).

Spring College

Together they are undertaking yet another very cool initiative. Spring College, an education that takes us into the depth of things. Taking nature as the source of wisdom upon which to systemically change our way of being, living & doing.

Keep an eye out for these girls. And their initiatives. You can do so by clicking on the links below!