Feel like Giving? Check this out!

Feel like Giving? Check this out!

Like I said before, all of us want to give. Many people I encounter express their belief, support & enthusiasm about Giving is All we Have for which I’m very grateful.  Most of them ask the question: “What can I do to realize this world that you’re portraying?”

We just seem to have captured ourselves in a world where giving can be a hard job. What can I give? Who do I give my talents and products to? How can I do so?

Well, it’s actually easy. Apart from the fact that you could get acquainted with your neighbours and start giving straight away ;), many platforms around the world are designed to help you in your giving quest.

Gift Flow
Originated in the US, this platform drives on the ethic of Pay it Forward.

A beautiful Norwegian initiative. A social market place that you can access through a downloadable  app. Make your profile and give away anything you want. Or find anything you need.

Australian based platform for circular giving.

Global network connecting groups of people (locally) that give freely to each other.

The above mentioned are only a couple of initiatives which are mostly geared towards promoting giving behaviour. But there are plenty of sharing and swapping platforms as well. Whether it’s about gardens, skills, cars, office space, it can be shared or swapped!

Make sure to check out this page at www.collaborativeconsumption.com to find anything to your liking.