Many forces are lined up to create that heart based society we’re talking about. An interesting report by ‘Share the World Resources’.

Some excerpts from the report…

What is the Sharing Economy?

The sharing economy is a broad term used in this report that encompasses the many systems of sharing and redistribution that exist locally, nationally and globally – whether facilitated by individuals, states or other institutions. It is concerned with the social, economic, environmental, political and spiritual benefits of sharing both material and non-material resources – everything from time and knowledge to money and natural resources.

‘The principle of sharing has always formed the basis of human relationships in societies across the world. Contrary to the common misconception that people are individualistic and selfish by nature, a growing body of evidence demonstrates that human beings are naturally predisposed to cooperate and share in order to maximise our chances of survival and collective wellbeing.’

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Thanks to for the wonderful work being done at ‘Share the World’s Resources’. Make sure to check them out and support them, if you like @