Give Shop @ TEDx

Give Shop @ TEDx

Recently, our crew organized yet another Give Shop. At TEDxMaastricht this time. Once more, the experience was mind blowing and many people got reconnected to their hearts by the simple act of unconditional giving.

A new World?

Visitors of TEDx Maastricht discovered at the Give Shop, that the tot-for-tat world as we know it, has had its time. They also discovered that there is an alternative, which has always been there! The only thing to do is to remember that we are unconditional by nature. To facilitate that process of remembrance is exactly the reason why the Give Shop is here.

Standing in Line

Once more we’ve seen that unconditionality is extremely contagious. This was symbolised by the queue of people at the Give Shop: 400 people gave something from their heart unconditionally.

Paradox to Current Economy

A paradox when you realize our current economy: people standing in line to buy. We’ve experienced it before at Lowlands Festival. That sounds like a world upside down, doesn’t it? The Give Shop allows people to get in touch with a new world. A world in which the magic of unconditional giving takes over…

The Fact & Figures

Now, let us go to the juicy part of things. 400 gifts were given. Between 600-800 people connected. Almost a hundred of the gifts were books & wine. It seems that the TEDx audience has a special interest in that! But also homemade jams, tickets to concerts, lunches, places to stay over, even a small apple tree was given.

Lots of talents…

Many talents were given, something we specifically like, because talents connect humans’ passion. Giving even more room for meaningful connections. Workshops, creative services, a couple of hours of undivided attention, a listening ear, drum lessons, a supporting actors’ role for a play, coaching, cooking lessons, horse riding experience, guided city tours, we had to breath properly not to keep all these wonderful gifts to ourselves ;)

Random Give Away

As usual, our team gave away these gifts randomly amongst the visitors. The Give Shop fueled the experience of genuine joy. A tear or smile simply is what comes forwards upon unconditionally giving or receiving. The smiles on people’s faces were priceless, even though some people did not instantly knew what they received.


Once more, the Universe takes care of it all. Many received exactly what they were looking for. A young woman who started her own business received free counseling for building a website. That was just what she needed to expand her new business. Some gifts were not meant to be given away. A bottle of wine ended up at the giver. That’s a chance of > 1/900 (depending on the amount of variables you include in the statistics, for all you statisticians out there). These synchronicities simply blow our minds each time we organize a Give Shop…

‘When do I get something back?’

Quite a few people who gave a gift at TEDx came up to us and asked what they were getting back. But that is not what it is about, we had to explain them. It’s about giving from the heart. Some people understood immediately the core of unconditional giving, others still needed some to let go imprinted tit-for-tat beliefs about giving & receiving. Eventually, all came out rejuvenated & inspired.

Know your origin.

The power of the Give Shop? Allowing people to integrate new consciousness through physical experience. Suddenly people become more aware of how they can contribute to creating a new Society. The exuberant feelings of joy gives goose bumps to many…We can confirm that every time we connect giver & receiver.

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