I don't have anything anymore...

It took me 30 years to realise. The fortunate thing with insight is that it is not about when, but about if it happens. But this idea changed my life to such an extent, that I can’t go back to my old beliefs again.

Ownership is an illusion. Property, a thing or things belonging to someone, gives you the idea that you actually ‘have’ something.  That something is ‘yours’. And our society is entrenched with this very thought. Consider our legal framework; completely built on property rights. Our economic beliefs.  The way we do business. Our borders. And even our beliefs about identity.

Ownership is a control mechanism that prevents us from embracing the new and from experiencing ‘oneness’. Clings us to the safe & secure, the past, clings us to old thought patterns. It thrives on fear of loss and promotes fragmentation. Forcing us into a protective mode, creating a void between you and me, between what’s yours and what’s mine.

Consider your relationship. Does your partner belong to you? That he or she, or even the love you share, is something you own or have? Is your name your name?

…Suddenly, a feeling of happiness overwhelms you. Do you think it is your happiness? Or the opposite (yet the same); when you’re sad, do you think you own your sadness? Or is it just merely ‘there’, or better, is it merely ‘being there’, as a frequency to tune into or out of?

If you feel this is so, the only thing that rests is to harmonize with the frequencies out there. And life becomes like a lingering melody that wanders around capriciously, hitting a dissonant every once in a while yet always resolving to the keynote.

A final thought: your body. Do you ‘own’ it? Or is it a temporary means that allows you to do the things you want to accomplish in this small fragment of time you have on our humble little planet?

Because then the fundamental choice you’ll face is the following; Do I want to take or give?

We unfold our true potential by what we give, not by what we have.