Soul Teachings


Soul Teachings

At some point in time*, we were urged to live in the fragmented illusion of our minds. Living from this duality consciousness unfolded as a brilliant and major teaching for our souls.

Footstep to the ascent of humanity

We were given a very special gift that would allow our souls to experience living in a duality consciousness from the mind. The experience was of such importance that it became a footstep to the ascent of humanity.

The Teachings

It showed us how the structures and systems that evolved from this consciousness level resonated to our surroundings and ourselves. How mother Earth would respond. It taught us the experience of fear. Of loss, of losing. It taught us how a linear concept of time and space would capture us in a strangling web of stress and physical health issues.  It has given us the experience of an illusory fragmentation in emotions. It taught us that perceiving differences from Self and Other inevitably led to competition, warfare and inequality.

Starting to Remember

But it also taught us that no matter how much everything in a world of duality consciousness would distract us, the quest for remembering who we are would pervade. We intuitively felt that this urge stemmed from somewhere else.

…the Heart

We remembered that within our hearts, unity consciousness resides. That only the heart could lift the smokescreens of our minds. It taught us that the heart knows only one emotion: unconditional love for everyone and everything.

*          Some say around 13.000 years.