The Intent of ‘Giving is All we Have’

The Intent of ‘Giving is All we Have’

Thanks to all of you for becoming part of ‘Giving is All we Have’; a movement that is changing the world as we speak. Allow me to elaborate a bit more on the intent of  ‘Giving is All we Have’. On what you can expect the next coming months. Just to clear things up a bit.

Giving away my ticket to Lowlands Festival (see previous post) was the only logical thing I could do after having embraced the new philosophy I’m currently working on. Then reality stepped up pace. It appears that all of you have a latent frustration about the way we do things around here. As stated before, many of you have sent me emails expressing your support and ideas already!

Let me make clear that ‘Giving is All we Have’ is not here to complain about ‘the system’. I firmly believe that we are the ones who define and construct that system. As such, you will not find any destructive thoughts on the downfalls of the current system we live in. Change stems from within;  it is distilled by means of honest introspection and constructive action.

I do, however, see that our businesses currently are of most influence on the way we do things around here. Whether it is by means of nifty product innovations, appealing marketing efforts or attractive employee benefit programs, they are willingly exerting their power to steer our needs. Nothing wrong with that either. We have our free will, make our own choices, right? (we’ll pay a fair amount of attention on the answer to this question over the next coming months).

My main concern is that our businesses still are predominantly focused on creating wealth in its narrow economic definition. Using same symbol we’ve all become so much acquainted with over the past centuries (If you don’t know what I am talking about, please take an annual report, go to the income statement section and have a look at the symbol before the amount at the bottom row. Alternatively, you might find it in the foreword of the board of directors as well, just before or after the maximizing profit & minimizing costs paragraph)

These insights have led me to make our businesses the focal point of Giving is All we Have. Because a minor change there will lead to a major shift in our society.  And our intent?

Transforming this society from one that is solely based on money to one that thrives on an amalgamation of gift and money.

I often get asked the question if it’s possible to create a ‘gift’ society or that it is just another utopia that will never be able to cohere to our current reality. Let me stress the point that ‘Giving is All we Have’ does not have the intention to change this society to one that solely thrives on gifting. Our 21st Century’s Society will be a hybrid in which both money and gift peacefully coexist. And yes, we do have to, and must be willing to, rewire our brains to tackle some serious current reality- ‘Paradigm Shifts‘ and reshape ourselves into this new society. This will take time and effort. But it is already happening everywhere around us. Moreover, if you believe in and act upon this construct, change will happen within the blink of an eye.

What can you expect here the next coming months?
Basically, heaps of thoughts, ideas and inspiration about our prospective 21st century’s society. Tapped from a cross-over of disciplines:  from neuroscience, quantum theory, business strategy, (Eastern & Western) philosophy, economics, sociology, musicology, history, aesthetics and whatever more! Also keep an eye out for the Paradigm Shifts, a series of blog posts that will rewire your body, brain and guide you to break out of some serious Western Paradigms (that exist within all of us on an either conscious- or unconscious level). Moreover, at this very moment I’m closely working together with a couple of businesses to realize the first initiatives: very exciting! But more on that within the blink of an eye.     

Although I’m a man on a mission, this one here I can’t realize merely by myself. There are ample opportunities to help out! Please click here if you (or your organisation) feel the urge to support ‘ Giving is All we Have’, but don’t know how; I’ve made a list of things I need for the coming months to realize this intent and expand the wavelength of our movement. Or, if you have any other brilliant ideas on how to change this world and want to consort with ‘Giving is All we Have’ or want to contribute to this blog, please email me at

Thanks all!

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